Fire Inspection Billing

Logo Fire Recover USA

In February 2015 Selma Fire department contracted with Fire Recovery USA

2271 Lava Ridge Court
Suite 120
Roseville, CA 95661-3065

Toll Free: 888-640-7222 Fax: 916-943-1661

You may also call Wendy Mangan @ 1 888-640-7222 ext. 103 or for direct billing questions

Ambulance Billing

In February 2015 Selma Fire department contracted with  Andres Medical Billing, Ltd. 3223 N. Wilke Rd Arlington Heights, IL 60004 Toll Free: 800-244-2345  Toll Free Fax: 800-329-5274  a division of Fire Recovery U.S.A. The billing company is located back east in Illinois so please adjust for the time change.FireMed Logo Color

If you have a question with regards to Fire Med subscription program, please call: 559-591-5931

"Tri-County FireMed Protects Your Family and Your Finances" -- FireMed Ambulance Membership Program

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